My Story

Jen Jackson QuintanoI made my home in the desert for a decade, finding stories and strength in the sweep of southern Utah’s Canyon Country. I now live with my husband and daughter in North Idaho, writing from our rustic log cabin at the base of the Cabinet Mountains. Moose, bears, deer, wolves, turkeys, and elk wander the depths of our woods. Ferns carpet the forest floor in summer, while cedar and hemlock boughs bear impossible burdens of snow in the winter.

It is as much of a departure from the desert as the possibilities of our world allow. And with that departure, I have an entirely new vernacular to learn.

I’ve written for numerous publications, including High Country News, Mountain Gazette, Inside/Outside Southwest, The Reader, The Independent and several newspapers. I recently completed my first book, Blow Sand in His Soul: Bates Wilson, the Heart of Canyonlands, commissioned by the Bates Wilson Legacy Fund. It is now on bookshelves and online.

I am currently at work on my next book, chronicling the life and work of my great-uncle, Mike Miksche, a talented and tortured artist active in New York in the ’50s and ’60s.